Reconnecting Waterloo - The BFI IMAX

By Lauren Hunt

In 2020 the urban realm around Waterloo and the train station is congested and somewhat unfathomable; the cityscape is dissected by busy roads, a large roundabout with winding underpasses, railway lines and arches, and busy bus lanes. The BFI IMAX is an island and sits in the middle of the chaos, and it is difficult for a pedestrian to navigate the area.

In 2050, I would like to reimagine the site of the BFI IMAX as a greener, pedestrian and cycle-friendly nucleus. I would transform the structure of the existing IMAX into an open air platform which can be enjoyed by all, creating a hub with market stalls, outdoor seating areas and terraces, an undercover performance space, and reclaiming the under passes for skateboarding and street art.


MSMR Architects Ltd

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