Re-imagining an Icon

By Iga Martynow

Transforming disused churches into community buildings or striking homes has grown in popularity over the last century. This is architecture that holds its power in its history, its materials and the level of craftsmanship. These qualities often make churches objects of value and beauty within the local neighbourhood.

Could we go further in re-appropriating abandoned places of worship? As space in central London increases in value, well-established buildings could serve more than one purpose. How far could we go in altering the use of an historic icon such as St Paul’s Cathedral for example? Does the power of such a structure lie in its function alone? If we alter or subvert that function, is the building able to hold its former power? Most importantly, should we separate such an iconic building from its original function?


My project explores a potential future transformation of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral into a local event space that hosts concerts and performance shows. Instead of skin-deep changes to the interior, the graphics aim to spark a conversation about such drastic change of use by portraying this conversion on the Cathedral’s exterior.


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