Greening Wood Green

by Sarah Brighton

A proposal to reinvigorate Wood Green's town centre. Currently dominated by ‘Shopping City’, a late 20th Century shopping mall and mixed-use scheme, the proposal seeks to respond to the decline of the high street by repurposing the mall as a green space and crop production, providing a local source of fresh food and putting the ‘green’ back in to Wood Green.

The roof and car park spaces will be reimagined as large open green spaces with allotments, crops and pleasure gardens.


Some areas of the original scheme will be retained: the housing and the cinema will remain, providing homes and entertainment now and in the future.

Other areas will be expanded. The small market tucked away in Shopping City's northern most corner will be extended and opened up, with cafes and food stalls selling the produce from the newly greened spaces, giving new life and focus.


Meanwhile, the darker reaches of the mall will be repurposed as grain storage or even mushroom tunnels. No part of the scheme will be without use, making an opportunity of what could be seen as the unfortunate decline of the high street. 


MSMR Architects Ltd

The Old School




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